Apr 18, 2023

How to Gain Customer Trust By Caring about Earth Day

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Written by Diana Myers

Our planet is in crisis, with climate change now an ever-present topic or headline across news outlets. From wildfires to droughts to flooding, many experts believe action needs to be taken now to help and heal our planet.

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg has been vocal about the need for governments and leaders to act now.

She warns in a article that the word 'change' is misleading as it lets people think there's room for improvement. While the word 'climate' is also problematic if you live in one of the high-emitting nations of the global north, the idea of a “changing climate” could be interpreted as the opposite of scary and dangerous - rather warm and tropical.

“Climate change has become a crisis sooner than expected. So many of the researchers I’ve spoken to have said that they were shocked to witness how quickly it is escalating. ” Greta Thunberg

However, action is being taken across the world to fix the disconnect from nature and its repercussions.

Each year, on Earth Day (April 22nd), it’s worth shining a spotlight on how our business relationships are being affected and how brands must make changes to stay ahead.

The Weight of This Year’s World Earth Day

In 2023, Earth Day will focus (for the second year) on the theme 'Invest in Our Planet'. This theme is focused on engaging governments, institutions, businesses, and more than 1 billion citizens who participate annually in Earth Day to do their part - everyone accounted for, everyone accountable.

Earth Day is a chance for us as business owners, parents, digital marketers, and stewards of the earth to pause and consider what really matters and how to implement actions that must be met.

Because, as we’re about to see, it not only solidifies a stable future for our children but for our businesses and working relationships as well.

1. Narrow & Solidify Your Focus

The problem most companies face is that of focus.

While organizations understand the value of sustainability practices and want to create initiatives to achieve them, it's not that simple.

The key to any initiative is for it to align with the purpose and mission of the brand. In other words, brands need to focus on achievable goals and changes that will make an impact and appeal to customers but also realize it's a long-term commitment that can take time and a lot of investment.

The solution?

Pick one sustainability focus and stick to it.

2. Set Concrete Goals

Once you know what you’re focusing on, the next step is to create specific and measurable goals to work towards externally.

Before you integrate these goals into your yearly business strategy, make sure your intent is sharp and detailed. Use specifics in terms of amounts and timelines. For instance, if you choose to focus on eliminating emissions, outline how much and when you plan to reach that goal.

While it's important to create measurable and detailed goals, you should also define the difference between outcome and performance metrics for your goal.

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